Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It seems the Vatican has just accepted the resignations of Cardinal McCarrick of Washington DC, and Bishop Imesch of Joliet, IL. I haven't read enough about Bishop Imesch, or about the replacements that have been announced for both offices, to comment on them. But I'm glad to see
Cardinal McCarrick departing from his very influential diocese. He never would lift a finger to discipline the dozens of Catholic pols who mocked their Church's teachings with their steadfast support for abortion on demand. Instead, he has already received his reward: shmoozing at countless receptions and parties, for a few decades, with the powerful, famous apostates like Kennedy and Kerry.

For handing out free passes to the Communion rail (oh, sorry, those have already been ripped out of most churches, so the reference is probably obscure), he deserved to go -- years earlier.