Monday, June 18, 2018

Another good statement from Francis, but...

In trying to look only at what Pope Francis says and does, instead of trying to look into his heart and judge his overall character (a vain pursuit, no matter who's the subject), I have to commend him for his recent remarks to the Italian family group Forum delle Famiglie.

In these off-the-cuff statements, he called abortion "white-glove" Nazism, referring to the Third Reich's eugenics programs. This is surprising for two reasons: first, it's usually when he speaks off-the-cuff that he has made his most heterodox-sounding pronouncements, and this is very orthodox indeed; second, because in pointing out the parallel between that earlier eugenics based on race and today's eugenics based on personal preference, he said something stronger than most anti-abortion activists have heretofore felt comfortable saying.

I like Robert Royal's analysis at The Catholic Thing.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Crosses in Germany

Cardinal Reinhard Marx is now fulminating against the Bavarian government’s move to place crosses on public buildings. He complains that such a display would create “division” and make some Germans uncomfortable.

I’ve got news for the Cardinal. The Gospel is about division—the division between those who accept Jesus Christ and those who do not. Between those who choose Life and those who choose… something else. This division can’t be made to go away by any amount of "accompaniment" or "discernment."

It is about making people uncomfortable. In a way, nothing should make us more uncomfortable than the sight of a cross. The cross is a reminder of the way we treated God when He came in His Second Person, Jesus Christ, to save us. We took His love and threw it in His face. We beat Him. We killed Him. And after He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven, we scorned His memory and disbelieved His disciples. What a sorry lot we are, says the Cross.

And not just first-century Jews and Romans, or later European Christians, or any other subset of humanity. Every person who ever lived or will live. All have fallen short of the glory of God, all have sinned, even those who have never heard the Gospel and have only the natural law to guide them.

So, Cardinal Marx: as the hymn says, "Lift high the cross." Or admit you just don't believe the whole thing and that you need to retire.