Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Abortion and the illegals

For weeks, I've been meaning to write about how illegal immigration and this country's 30-year abortion massacre are connected. Quintero over at L.A. Catholic got to it first, but I'm still going to put in my two cents.

Since 1973, American women have killed about 45 million of their children in the womb. The first three million of those children would now be in their early thirties, entering the peak years of income earning and productivity, energizing the economy and helping, through their taxes, to fund services for the growing population of elderly. Another 15 million would be somewhere in their twenties, needing low-level and entry-level jobs. But those millions have disappeared -- and now we're told we must now legalize millions of illegal immigrants to fill those jobs. But we would have no such need if we hadn't killed the very children of our own who could now be doing them.

But do we see that, and stop it? No, we're too attached to sex without the giving of life. The aptly-monikered Culture of Death just rolls on, slowly destroying the country and the culture that has embraced it. No need to invoke divine retribution here. It's just a matter of natural consequences.