Friday, December 13, 2013

One way it's good to imitate NYC

The Catholic League has again built a créche in New York's prime public forum, Central Park. Their reasons:
  • We are celebrating the true purpose of Christmas, which is the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • We want Christians to know that they have every legal right to display religious symbols on public property, unadorned by secular symbols, just so long as the property is regarded as a public forum (e.g., we do not seek to erect crèches on the grounds of City Hall).
  • We are sending a message to militant secularists that Christians will never retreat from exercising their First Amendment right to religious liberty. We favor, as does Pope Francis, a robust public expression of religion. We will never settle [merely] for freedom to worship.
If the League can do this in one of the country's most aggressively secularized cities, what's wrong with the rest of us, wherever we are? What are we afraid of?


bill bannon said...

Donohue's salary for doing things like that is $400,000 a it.. Most other working people don't have the time to shop for gifts and put up their own decorations let alone set up a creche in a public park. In my city which has the murder rate of Mexico, no one wants to go near the park unless they have a concealed carry permit.

Bob said...

Bill Bannon: (1) Yes, Mr. Donohue's salary appears too high. However, this is irrelevant to evaluating the effectiveness or appropriateness of his efforts. In the absence of any strong defense of the Church coming from bishops, laymen like Donohue have to step forward and speak loudly -- and he does. (2) If working Catholics are spending so much time on the secular game of endless shopping and decoration that they don't have a few hours to set up a creche in honor of their Savior... well, they need to rethink their priorities. (3) I'm genuinely sorry you live in such a crappy city.

bill bannon said...

Have two cities....the rich suburb can be more dangerous (NY). My city place keeps me in shape. Choked out a home invader as he left and I arrived two years ago who said he'd be back with a pistol. He never returned and I then got a fan club of young blacks in the area who honor you if you finish a street fight fast and clean. Donohue's money is coming from city often poor Irish who have no idea how much he's taking from their donations. At the judgement, he'll face some angry celts...oy. Heetter lose the pounds.

bill bannon said...

correction: he better lose the pounds.

bill bannon said... the suburb address, a woman ordered deck cleaning. A worker arrived but on drugs, raped and murdered her. She had a husband and children. In the city, you're expecting the worst...not in the NY suburbs.

And many of your your original point....are active for the Church whether in alms, pro life, hours of prayer....for free, after work. Donohue loves fighting and getting paid for it richly. He is not cleaning the feet of homeless men like Francis for 400K. He's fighting and he likes that. He's Irish...heck...I loved closing in on the neck of my criminal adversary. The fighting Irish.