Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missing the point

According to a local print-only newspaper, the Daily Post, Planned Parenthood is looking at leasing a new location in on El Camino Real in nearby Redwood City. Nothing too unusual in that, although PP seems to be closing more facilities than it's opening these days.

The thing that caught my attention was this reported reaction of a neighbor:
John Thomas, a resident who lives on nearby Selby Lane, said it's an inappropriate location for a clinic. Thomas said he fears the clinic will draw protesters with signs depicting aborted fetuses in an area where children walk to school.

... I'm not comfortable seeing that," Thomas told the Post. "I don't see how how anybody could be comfortable."
In other words, it's OK with Mr. Thomas that abortions might be done in his neighborhood. He just doesn't want to see any pictures of abortion around, to shock the kids (that is, the ones who didn't get aborted themselves), or make him uncomfortable.

I live in one very weird place.