Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't know much about mo-ral-i-ty...

While looking for the results and questions on the Pew report on religious knowledge among Americans (the one that's been the news so much recently), I came across another of their reports, The U.S. Religious Landscape Survey from 2007.

In it, Question 10b asks, "When it comes to questions of right and wrong, which of the following do you look to most for guidance?"

For Catholics, the results were:

Practical experience and common sense: 57%
Religious teachings and beliefs: 22%
Scientific information: 10%
Philosophy and reason: 7%
Don't know / refused: 5%

So, let's see. The disintegration of the power of our Church to save souls by influencing morality has progressed to the point where less than one-quarter of self-identified "Catholics" turn to the teachings of the Church when confronted with a moral problem.

The average for believers of all faiths was 29%.

And, of course, the salvation of souls is the main reason the Church exists, right? What? Oh, yeah, I forgot. The "spirit of Vatican II" changed all that old-fashioned stuff. We're here to promote "social justice." Drop enough boxers in the "Undie Sunday" box and you're gonna be just fine with God.

Now I feel so much better.


I forgot to mention that the same survey reports 48% of Catholics responded that abortion should be "legal in all cases" or "legal in most cases."

Yes, I know, it's Pew, and they have an agenda. Still, that ANY Catholics believe that the annual destruction of a million American children in the womb should be completely legal gives testimony to the failure of the Church in our country to give effective witness to its people about the chief moral issue of our time.