Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You just gotta love that Religion of Peace...

One of those peace-loving signs at the peaceful demonstration by followers of the Religion of Peace in front of the Danish embassy in London a few days ago.

Being a person who doesn't like confrontation, I have to admit I'm a little uncomfortable with those original Danish cartoons of Mohammed (or is it Muhammad, now? Sorry, don't behead me, peaceful Muslims to whom jihad only denotes an internal struggle against one's own sins!). Still less comfortable with some of the truly vitriolic follow-on cartoons from Europeans that are popping up on the net.

With that said, none of it justifies rioting, burning down buildings, and suggesting beheadings. One gets the impression that when the chips are down, this is what the Q'uran really teaches people: spite, revenge, murder, destruction. I sure don't hear many Muslim voices speaking up and denouncing this latest round of violence as a perversion of Islam -- the excuse we heard after 9/11.

No, I'd put up this plaque on the burned-out shell of the Danish embassy in Syria: "Sacred to the memory of the Religion of Peace. Si monumentum requiris, circumspice."